Saturday, October 6, 2012

Alternatives to Corsets Part 1 - Wide Belts

          When people think of Steampunk accessories of course Corsets are usually at or near the top of the list. But, you know, not ALL of us are into corsets. I do have one boned garment (a waxed-cotton vest that I just LOVE), but I got to thinking that there must be some alternatives to boned corsets that look just as pretty, flattering and, well, Steampunky. So I've done some research and gathered a bunch of pictures to do a series on Alternatives to Corsets. This first installment will give examples of “Wide Belts”.

          Very similar to regular leather belts, wide leather belts can give a LOT of character to your costume:

Another style of wide belt you might consider is the "obi style" belt, which can lend your costume an air of multiculturalism:

I think my personal favorite as an alternative to a corset is what's called a 'vest belt'.  They are cool made from tweed...

Or from leather...

There!  Now you have a few alternatives to that pesky tight corset that are still flattering and have lots of character!  But wait, "what else?" you may ask?  Next time:  Halters!

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